Undertakings Plus – Golan v. Saada and the Safe Return of Abducted Children (4/25/2022)

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Family Law Expert Melissa Kucinski, explores the Hague Abduction Convention through the lens of the most recent U.S. Supreme Court case, Golan v. Saada.  This international treaty serves to promptly return abducted children to their home country.  However, it is not an unlimited remedy, and in situations where there is a grave risk of harm to the child upon return, a judge has the discretion to refuse to return that child. 

In Golan v. Saada, the district court judge, upon finding a grave risk of harm to the child based on the parties’ violent relationship, explored ameliorative measures to craft a safe return order, requiring Ms. Golan to return the child, and Mr. Saada to pay money to Ms. Golan, as well as refrain from contacting her.  Ms. Golan argued that such an exploration of these ameliorative measures is contrary to the treaty, and the child’s return should have been denied.  Learn more about the Hague Abduction Convention and how it played out in this seminal court case.


Melissa Kucinski
MK Family Law

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