Restructuring Tax-Exempt Organizations – Mergers, Affiliations, Bankruptcy, and Dissolution (11/17/2021)

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Publish Date : 11/17/2021

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During “normal” times, nonprofit organizations constantly have to consider the types of services they provide, the manner in which services are delivered, and their funding sources.  During the pandemic, those considerations have become exacerbated, often to the point of uncertainty about an organization’s ability to survive.

This program focuses on the steps that nonprofit organizations are taking to strengthen their operations by combining resources, and the steps that that they must take when their continued operation is no longer possible.  Part I of the program explores merger and affiliation.  What are the options?  What are the benefits and drawbacks? What steps should a nonprofit organization take to determine whether partnering with another nonprofit is feasible or desirable? Part II looks at bankruptcy, receivership and dissolution. What conditions are likely to result in these outcomes?  What can a nonprofit expect, and how should it prepare?  



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