Esquire Deposition Solutions Presents: Ethical Considerations When Taking a Remote Deposition (6/16/2021)

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Lawyers have always been bound by ethical standards. The pandemic created a new one – reduce the spread of a deadly disease by staying home and working remotely.
The American Bar Association has established that attorneys have an ethical obligation to adopt new technologies to reduce health risks, serve clients cost-effectively and help deliver justice as expeditiously as possible. This responsibility extends to the discovery process, including depositions.

Attorneys must understand the risks of conducting remote depositions and how to mitigate those risks. Protocols can help lawyers avoid challenges to evidence. These protocols should address counsel’s ethical duties, challenges that may arise and how to prepare witnesses.

This one-hour webinar outlines the latest ABA and court precedents concerning the ethics of taking a remote deposition and how attorneys can create solid protocols to help avoid challenges to evidence.

Topics covered include:
• Court rulings and ABA standards rejecting arguments for in-person depositions.
• Effective client communication about the duty for diligence in practice.
• Best practices for information storage, security and sharing.
• An overview of professional misconduct on the frontier of e-discovery.
The coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal in the litigation process. Lawyers are obligated to step up and adopt new technology, not only for safety but also to serve their clients in a way that optimizes cost-effectiveness. This course gives attorneys a solid foundation on the ethics of taking remote depositions and a springboard for the practical application of these principles.


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