2020 Law School Graduate Mentoring: Bar Coaching and Career Coaching Mentee Kickoff Event (6/11/2020)

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Publish Date : 6/11/2020

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The BBA is proud to announce we are expanding our bar coaching program, as well as adding career coaching for new attorneys. This is a difficult time to enter the practice of law and the BBA wants to be there to support you. You can sign up to be matched with a coach to help you through the bar exam with study techniques, time management and support. If you wish, you can continue with the program to work with your coach on transitioning to your career. Whether you are beginning in a law firm and want tips to navigate the practice in a partially virtual world or looking for your first opportunity, a coach can offer advice and support. All coaching programs will be supported by tailored professional development programs and roundtable discussions.

BBA members who are preparing to take the 2020 bar exam (first time and repeat takers) can apply. Mentees can request mentorship and guidance on specific skills, like resume writing or interview prep, or may simply be seeking to connect with a more experienced attorney to learn about the ins and outs of Boston's legal community. If you're interested in signing-up, click here to complete an online sign-up form.


Kandace Kukas
Northeastern University School of Law

Marilyn J. Wellington
Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners

Barbara Bowe
Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc.

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