Restorative Justice: A New (Old) Way to Address Crime – A Multipart Introduction (5/18/2021)

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Publish Date : 5/18/2021

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This session, the fifth of a series of distinct programs about restorative justice from different perspectives, features Middlesex District Attorney Marion Ryan and Assistant U.S Attorney James Herbert discussing their perspectives of restorative justice as prosecutors in the state and federal system. 

District Attorney Ryan is a leader in establishing restorative justice practices in her office to reduce juvenile delinquency and provide youth with the chance to make positive changes and in the restorative justice part of criminal justice reform a couple of years ago. AUSA Herbert is a federal prosecutor assigned to the RISE Program (Repair, Invest, Succeed, Emerge) in U.S. District Court in Boston. RISE participants are convicted of serious federal offenses and, prior to sentencing, complete a restorative justice program that seeks to motivate the defendant to repair, at least in part, the harm from the charged offense. It’s not too late to join the discussion!


Marian T. Ryan
Middlesex County District Attorney's Office

James D. Herbert
U.S. Attorney's Office

Georgia K. Critsley
Massachusetts Executive Office of the Trial Court

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