Restorative Justice: A New (Old) Way to Address Crime – A Multipart Introduction (4/26/2021)

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Publish Date : 4/26/2021

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This session features Tavon Robinson, an “offender” who went through the D. Mass. restorative justice program after being convicted on a federal drug charge, and his attorney, Jessica Hedges.

They present an “offender’s” perspective on restorative justice.  Mr. Robinson discusses the path that led him to restorative justice, the benefits and challenges for an offender of engaging in a restorative justice process, and why he is now an avid supporter of the program. Ms. Hedges discusses the efforts being made to expand the use of restorative justice in the District of Massachusetts court. 


Tavon Robinson

Jessica Diane Hedges
Hedges & Tumposky, LLP

Anuj Khetarpal
Verrill Dana LLP

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