Restorative Justice: A New (Old) Way to Address Crime – A Multipart Introduction (4/6/2021)

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Publish Date : 4/6/2021

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The third session of a multi-part program designed for anyone interested in learning more about restorative justice. This session features Cristina Rodrigues, a staff attorney in the Public Defender Division of the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS), and Ziyad Hopkins, a staff attorney in CPCS’s Youth Advocacy Division. 

Ms. Rodrigues and Mr. Hopkins discuss restorative justice in the Massachusetts juvenile and adult criminal legal systems based on their perspectives as defense attorneys.  They address the uses of restorative justice, its availability, and its potential benefits, as well as concerns associated with defendants’ participation in restorative justice programs, particularly before conviction.  Mr. Hopkins further discusses what we can learn from his Fulbright Fellowship studying restorative justice in the New Zealand juvenile system.


Cristina Rodrigues
Committee for Public Counsel Services

Ziyad S. Hopkins
Committee for Public Counsel Services - Palmer Street Roxbury

Anuj Khetarpal
Verrill Dana LLP

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