Restorative Justice: A New (Old) Way to Address Crime – A Multipart Introduction (3/19/2021)

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Publish Date : 3/19/2021

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The second session of a multi-part program is designed for anyone interested in learning more about restorative justice. This session features Kim Odom, co-pastor at True Vine Church in Boston and BEC, Equity & Inclusion Unit Coordinator at The City of Boston. Kim will speak about Restorative Justice from the perspective of someone who was harmed, what the legal system would call a victim.

On October 4, 2007, Pastor Odom’s thirteen-year-old son Steven was shot in the head as he walked home from playing basketball, just feet from his home by a gang member who mistook his companion for a rival gang member.  Living her faith, Kim is an avid supporter of Restorative Justice and has participated in the annual Restorative Justice Responsibility Retreat conference at MCI Norfolk Prison. 


Kim Odom
City of Boston

Andrea C. Kramer
Kramer Law LLC

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