Choosing Service: Advocating for Underserved Populations Through a Career in Public Service (3/9/2021)

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Publish Date : 3/9/2021

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This program highlights attorneys who have dedicated their careers to advocacy on behalf of the Greater Boston community's most vulnerable citizens. From representing young people in juvenile court to ensuring fair housing and closing the information and resource gap, our panelists have tackled contemporary social justice issues at the intersection of law and policy that regularly impact the lives of underserved populations.

This program endeavors to demystify the barriers to a successful career in public service while providing an opportunity for panelists and attendees to share what they have learned, how their careers have changed over time, and how far we must go on the path to equity and justice through public service.


Asha White
Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General

Bethany Serota
Fair Housing & Equity- City of Boston

Danielle Johnson
Greater Boston Legal Services

Migdalia Nalls
Committee for Public Counsel Services

Iván Espinoza-Madrigal
Lawyers for Civil Rights

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