BBA Webinar: Protecting Voting Rights in the Pandemic Era (6/24/2020)

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Publish Date : 6/24/2020

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As the nation continues to struggle against the public health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, another crisis looms: how to ensure a free and fair election in 2020?  Despite urgent calls for action to protect the vote, Congress has failed to provide the necessary protections to ensure that the 2020 vote will accessible and open for all Americans. 

During this webinar, the panelists, all experts in voting rights, will explore the danger to voting rights that now exists and will likely continue to exist during the coronavirus pandemic, both locally and across the country, and how we might go about protecting our voting rights through the November elections in 2020.  

Some of the topics to be discussed by the panelists will include:  

  • Encouraging states to provide online registration and otherwise make registration simpler and less restrictive; 
  • Precluding the purging of voter registrations and other attempts to disenfranchise voters; 
  • Allowing for "no-excuse" mail in voting, providing prepaid mail-in voting envelopes, expanding early voting and expanding number of voting locations; and 
  • Fighting against voter suppression tactics such as overly strict voter ID laws, requiring witness signatures on absentee ballots, insufficient polling locations and poll workers, and failure to preclude voter intimidation efforts at the polls.


Sophia Hall
Lawyers for Civil Rights

Genevieve Nadeau
Protect Democracy Project

Quentin A. Palfrey
Voter Protection Corps

Brenda Wright

Robert A. Whitney
Sulloway & Hollis - Boston

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