BBA Webinar: Money Market Funds - Uncertainty, Intervention, and the Road Ahead (5/13/2020)

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Publish Date : 5/13/2020

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As the coronavirus pandemic has stressed the global economy and financial markets, money market funds have faced challenges. Assets have shifted from prime money market funds to government money market funds prompting sales of commercial paper challenging the limits of the market. As a result, the regulators have taken swift emergency action providing much needed liquidity and no action relief and advisers have stepped in as necessary with financial support. Following Fed interest rate cuts, advisers face the challenge of managing money market funds while preventing negative yields.  Join Clair Pagnano and Jon-Luc Dupuy, partners from K&L Gates as they highlight the issues related to money market funds during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jon-Luc Dupuy
K&L Gates LLP

Clair E. Pagnano
K&L Gates LLP

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