BBA Webinar: Contract Litigation Post-Pandemic (3/25/2020)

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Publish Date : 3/26/2020

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The Coronavirus pandemic is grinding commerce to a halt. Inevitably, this will lead to an increase in breach of contract cases alleging non-performance. This webinar provides an overview of the defenses that will be asserted where the failure to perform was based on the pandemic and how Massachusetts courts are likely to respond to these defenses.  Depending on the nature of the contract and the provisions agreed to by the parties, these defenses include (a) ‘force majeure’, (b) impossibility of performance, (c) commercial impracticability and (d) frustration of purpose. The webinar is offered by an experienced commercial litigator who will provide insight into these defenses and practice advice on how to assert and respond to them.


Kenneth J. DeMoura
DeMoura|Smith LLP

Paul M. Robertson
DeMoura|Smith LLP

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