Foreign Sovereign Immunity and Locally Employed Staff: the Massachusetts Example (1/27/2020)

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Publish Date : 1/27/2020

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In Merlini v. Canada, 926 F.3d 21 (1st Cir. 2019), the First Circuit held that a foreign government is not immune from suit when it fails to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for its local employees in Massachusetts. The decision is the first case in the country to deal with the intersection of foreign sovereign immunity and workers’ compensation law, and it also features cutting-edge perspectives on the problem of identifying the gravamen of a suit against a foreign state under the Supreme Court’s Nelson and Sachs precedents. Alan Pierce, who represented the injured employee in the Department of Industrial Accidents, and Ted Folkman, who represents her in her civil action against the Canadian government, will present the case and its novel implications.


Theodore J. Folkman
Pierce & Napolitano

Alan S. Pierce
Pierce, Pierce & Napolitano

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