CLE: Trust and Inheritance Issues in Divorce: A Practical Guide to Discovery, Evidence, and Experts (6/10/19)

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Publish Date : 6/10/2019

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Trusts and inheritance issues in a divorce present complex legal issues, particularly in light of rapidly evolving case law on the topic with such cases as Pfannenstiehl v. Pfannenstiehl .  As equally important to knowing how the law in such cases impacts a divorce, it is critical for practitioners to have an understanding of the practical aspects of dealing with trust and inheritance issues in a divorce. 

This program will examine the nuts-and-bolts of when trusts and inheritance issues are present in a divorce, and how to deal with discovery, Financial Statements, evidentiary issues, and experts in such cases.  This expert panel, including both a retired and current Probate and Family Court judge with extensive experiences in estates and trusts in a divorce, will offer practical advice and tips to best represent your clients when such issues arise, as well as the more recent efforts by the Massachusetts family law bar to push forward legislation that would provide more uniformity in such cases.


Hon. George F Phelan,
Norfolk Probate and Family Court

Hon. Robert W. Langolis (Ret.), Verrill Dana LLP

Tannaz N. Saponaro, Saponaro Bingham LLP

Alisa L. Hacker, Day Pitney LLP


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