Trying Sexual Assault Cases in the #MeToo Era (5/15/19)

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Publish Date : 5/15/2019

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The last two years have seen a flood of news attention, social media activity, and personal narratives about sexual assault and harassment in all sorts of contexts, from the entertainment industry to college campuses to the federal courts. How have these broader cultural conversations affected (or not) the practice of trying sex assault and domestic violence cases in the courts?  Practitioners from a range of perspectives will discuss their own experiences and share advice for all levels, covering jury selection, witness preparation and examination, and more.


Shannon Hinegardner,
Committee for Public Counsel Services-Boston

Claudia Lagos, Scully & Lagos

Ian Polumbaum, Suffolk County District Attorney's Office 

Hon. Peter B. Krupp, Superior Court 

J. Anne Iglehart, Iglehart & Porges

Jeffrey Garland, Committee for Public Counsel Services-Congress Street Boston Office

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