CLE: Environmental Standing, Part II (4/25/19)

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Duration: 1.30 Hours
Publish Date : 4/25/2019

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Part 2 of the 2 Part Series.

No matter the nature of the harm, establishing standing is often the biggest hurdle litigants face when trying to prove their claims in court. Part 2 of this series will explore standing in zoning and administrative cases before the Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Public Utilities.  The speakers will host a Q & A session at the conclusion of the panel.  The course is great for new lawyers looking to learn and experienced practitioners looking to brush up on the basics.


Michael Murray
, Goodwin Procter LLP

Nina Pickering-Cook, Anderson & Kreiger LLP

C. David Bragg, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Shane Patrick Early, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities


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