School Discipline Pro Bono Training: An Introduction for Lawyers on Disrupting the Cradle/School-to-Prison Pipeline (10/24/18)

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Publish Date : 10/24/2018

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Hosted by the Boston Bar Service Innovation Project, this session will provide an introduction to understanding the cradle/school-to-prison pipeline and representing students in school discipline hearings (to advocate for students who might be suspended, expelled, or excluded from school through another disciplinary measure).

Students who are suspended from school are much less likely to graduate high school and much more likely become involved in the juvenile justice system.  Meanwhile, students of color, students with disabilities, and low-income students are disproportionately affected by exclusionary school discipline measures. 


Matthew Cregor,
Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

Elizabeth McIntyre, Greater Boston Legal Services

Vineesha Sow, Health Law Advocates, Inc.

Marlies Spanjaard, The EdLaw Project

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