EdLaw Project Pro Bono Training (11/13/2018)

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Duration: 2.00 Hours
Publish Date : 11/13/2018

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Please note - this purchase is for a digital download of the Learn Online Materials, including online viewing / download of the video presentation. 


The EdLaw Project advocates for low-income families and children in matters of school discipline and special education. The program is seeking attorneys who are looking for the opportunity assist low-income children with disabilities who are struggling to get the support they need in school; families need attorneys to represent their children’s special education rights. 

This training will provide an introduction to representing children in these cases.  You do not need to have litigation experience to be a great advocate in this venue.  Negotiation skills and an ability to work with families and children are most important.  Also, this project is unique in that if you take a case, the EdLaw Project will partner you with one of their attorneys who will support you every step of the way.  We invite you to attend, learn, and consider if this is an effort you can lend your talent to either now or in the future.  You will also learn a lot about a student’s rights at school that maybe helpful for your own family! 


Marlies Spanjaard,
The Edlaw Project

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