Bar Exam Coaching Program - Volunteer Training (12/5/2018)

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Duration: 1.00 Hours
Publish Date : 12/5/2018

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This program will train attorneys of all experience levels to support to February bar applicants through the BBA’s Bar Exam Coaching Program.

This is a short-term commitment with a big impact. Coaches are not expected to answer substantive law questions, but will be trained to offer guidance on mental preparation, confidence, study tips, and time & stress management. Each coach will be matched with one applicant and will communicate with their applicant by e-mail, by phone, or in person.

If you cannot make this in-person program, this session will be recorded and shared with all coach volunteers. In addition, coaching guidelines will be provided to support you in working with the applicant.


Kandace Kukas,
Northeastern University School of Law

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