CORI Sealing Clinic Volunteer Training (1/29/2019)

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The Boston Bar Association is thrilled to announce the launch of a monthly CORI Sealing Clinic, a first-of-its kind project that will assist low-income clients in asking courts to seal their criminal records with the help of volunteer attorneys.

A CORI (short for Criminal Offender Record Information) report is the official log of any charges brought against someone by the Commonwealth. The CORI Act attempts to balance the public interest in having access to criminal records against the interest of personal privacy. Because a prior criminal record can be used by employers and landlords to deprive deserving people of employment, housing, and educational opportunities, Massachusetts law permits those individuals to have their records “sealed” from public view by meeting certain legal requirements. The CORI Sealing Clinic will help those who lack the knowledge or expertise to undertake this process or cannot afford an attorney to help.

This clinic, to be held at the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse in Boston, will assist low-income clients with retrieving copies of their CORI reports and administratively sealing their CORI when eligible. The clinic will begin on the morning of Wednesday, February 6th and will continue throughout 2019 on the first Wednesday of each month.

This training will introduce attorney volunteers to CORI laws and will provide the background and knowledge necessary to volunteer at the clinic.

Attendees will learn about:

• Changes in the law related to comprehensive criminal justice reform
• What is CORI and the various levels of access to CORI
• What are the new waiting periods to seal records
• How to seal criminal and juvenile records through the administrative process
• How to seal criminal records in court
• How expungement differs from sealing
• How to use the new law to expunge juvenile and adult records
• New FBI provisions in the law related to CORI
• Volunteer opportunities to staff a monthly information table at Boston Municipal Court 

If you’re interested in attending this training and volunteering at the clinic, please email Cassandra Shavney at


Ventura Dennis,
Greater Boston Legal Services

Sarah Melise Joss, Office of the Commissioner of Probation

Agapi Koulouris, Department of Criminal Justice Information Services

Pauline Quirion, Greater Boston Legal Services

David Marc Siegel, New England Law Boston

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