Representing Veterans in Discharge Upgrades (6/2/2015)

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Publish Date : 6/2/2015

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Many of the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces are cut off from veterans’ services and benefits because they were given a less-than-honorable discharge. They may have served in combat and have suffered physical or mental wounds, but are nevertheless unable to access much-needed treatment and support from federal and state veterans agencies because of their discharge status. In many cases, the origin of their need for support—for example, service-related post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury—also contributed to the conduct that led to their less-than-honorable discharges.

This training will guide you through the process of helping a less-than-honorably discharged veteran petition to upgrade his or her discharge status. It will provide information about the structure of the relevant military and naval review boards, the applicable statutes and regulations, how to gather and develop evidence, and how to present a case.

Attorneys who participate in the training will be eligible to join the inaugural pro bono discharge-upgrade panel of the Veterans Legal Clinic of the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School. In return for agreeing to take on one case pro bono, those attorneys will have access to the expert resources and support of the Veterans Legal Clinic throughout their case. Their efforts will help to address the enormous gap in the provision of legal services to veterans and will provide much-needed advocacy to those who served the nation in uniform.


Dana Montalto,
Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School

Daniel Nagin, Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School

Major Susan Lynch, U.S. Army Reserve

Sandy Dixon Psy. D, William James College

Elizabeth Gwin, Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School

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