Unfair v. Unlawful: Representing Clients In Wrongful Termination Cases (5/12/2017)

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The vast majority of all employment is what is known as “at-will.”  As a general rule, an at-will employee may be terminated at any time for any reason, or no reason at all.  There are, however, a breadth of statutory and common law exceptions to the at-will doctrine.  For lawyers new to the field of employment law, the ability to identify and evaluate the many potential claims and defenses in a wrongful termination case is an essential skillset.  This program will provide an overview of the exceptions to the at-will doctrine, with particular focus on the public policy exceptions recognized under common law.


David Isaac Brody

Sherin and Lodgen LLP

Shannon M. Lynch
Beck Reed Riden LLP

Brian J. MacDonough
Sherin and Lodgen LLP


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