See how you can help protect transgender rights in Massachusetts.
Take Action to Protect Transgender Equal Rights in Massachusetts

The BBA is a proud member of the Yes on 3: Freedom for All Massachusetts coalition, a group of 1,000+ businesses, non-profits, colleges and universities, public officials, faith leaders, law enforcement representatives, domestic violence and sexual assault survivor advocacy organizations, and other supporters working together to protect crucial public accommodations protections for transgender people at the ballot box in November.

The current non-discrimination law, signed by Governor Charlie Baker in 2016, prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity in places of public accommodation, including restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, medical offices, theaters, restrooms, and public transit. In November, voters will be asked whether they want to keep these non-discrimination protections in place.

Right now the race is close, with recent polls showing that only around half of Massachusetts voters currently plan to vote in favor of keeping the protections. We need your help to ensure that Massachusetts does not slide backwards on civil rights for transgender people.

Show your support for equal rights with the following action steps:

  • EDUCATE voters during the upcoming Weekend of Action on July 28 & 29. Click here to sign up to canvass or phone bank and have critical conversations with voters about transgender equality.

  • VOLUNTEER at one of the coalition's many upcoming outreach events. Click here to find a full list of volunteer opportunities.

  • SIGN the Freedom for All Massachusetts pledge to commit to defending transgender equality in Massachusetts and receive updates from the campaign.

Please join us in standing up for transgender rights and equality in Massachusetts! For additional resources and more information, check out the Yes on 3: Freedom for All Massachusetts coalition's website.

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