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Legal Analysis

Calling it Quits or Moving in Together? Considerations for Small Liberal Arts Colleges in the Wake of Mount Ida

by Laurie R. Bishop

Voice of Judiciary

Some Thoughts About the Appeals Court

by Mark V. Green

Legal Analysis

CPCS v. AG – The SJC Establishes an Unprecedented, Global Remedy for the Victims of the Amherst Drug Lab Scandal to Address Extraordinary Lab Misconduct that Was Compounded by Intentional Prosecutorial Misconduct

by Daniel Marx

The Profession

Lawyers and Depression

by Jeffrey Fortgang, Ph.D.

Case Focus

“NEGPA v. DEP: The SJC Upholds the Commonwealth’s Climate Change Mitigation Program”

by David Lyons

Legal Analysis

Pay Equity in Collegiate Athletic Coaching and the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act

by Janet P. Judge and Andrew E. Silvia

Legal Analysis

Cell Tower Dumps

by Mason Kortz and Christopher Bavitz

Heads Up

The Fiduciary Litigation Session

by Robert J. O’Regan

Case Focus

In a Matter of First Impression, the Supreme Judicial Court Narrows the In Pari Delicto Defense

by Emily E. Renshaw and Jason D. Frank

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