Submitting an Article or Proposal for Publication

Authors interested in submitting a proposal or an article for publication in the Bar Journal should complete this form

All proposals and articles are subject to review by members of the Board of Editors. All submissions must conform to the guidelines set forth below as well as the specific guidelines accompanying each article type should your proposal be selected for further development.  The Board of Editors, at its sole discretion, may change or modify the submission and article guidelines at any time.

Submission Guidelines:

  • The BBJ does not publish articles that have previously appeared in other print or electronic publications.
  • The BBJ will not publish articles whose primary purpose is to pitch specific products or services and no articles should be used for fundraising purposes. 
  • The BBJ does not publish book reviews.
  • If an article is likely to read like a brochure for a program, project or initiative, it belongs in a publication other than the BBJ.